Monday, August 13, 2007

squish! goes; squish a few days of bloggin into one day!

....this morning i got an e-mail; some interesting things will be happening here! I'm not on the website yet...but how cool is that?? An airplane film festival? sweeeet....

....Check out Pink.Sugar.Pop's contest!! Just take a picture of the cool way you store your clear stamps, and send the pic, a linky to your blog (if you have one), and why that storage works for ya by August 30th and you win some yummy stuff! And there is also some exciting things happening there starting in stay tuned!

...and Fancy Pants has a cool contest going on this month! You can read all the details here and also on Pubcalls! Not only can you win free FP stuff, but also a chance to be guest designer for a month! There's more challenges and such coming up on the FP blog soon, too! I'll keep ya posted!

....break for picture

....what else? Z's done his film, so I got to hang out with him this weekend, drink til 3 in the morning, See the Simpsons movie....dude, how cool is that movie? I love that cartoons can get away with nudity and a theatre than they can on tv...nothing fun is allowed in tv cartoons anymore, the broadcasters get all bent out of place if a seatbelt isn't that was cool..and the way they used 3D camera moves with the 2D was pretty good...and they had shadows and all that fancy stuff...=) pretty cool! so now I'm back to a busy week of scrapping, making appointments and such...Z is busy working on his demo reel cuz he grads in a I hung out with these guys last night:

...cuz Gael Garcia Bernal rocks...=) and cuz I've had "the motorcycle diaries" for months and haven't actually watched it...the end was and white shots of south american people..the fact that it was about something really happened....good...=)

and now, my Scrapjack of Meghan Dymock, dare girl #2 of the month-long Meg's crazy was kinda tough for me to do, so not my normal style, but it was super fun busting out the diamond glaze and watercolor much fun to play...=)'s all about the daily little stuff that inspires me. it says, "life, love. All that daily little stuff, it just sparks my mind and all this creative energy just flows out of my insides. Please creativity,never stop. never ever ever. No. never. Please don't stop imagination, i want to grow old with you!please spark my imagination always, life." I wanted to capture the same feeling Meg's journalling a message to herself. =)

Thanks for bearing with the giant post! Happy day! Must stop messing around on internet, now...=) i have the biggest urge to make cookies and paint. he he...


Mom said...

Have fun baking!!!

Michelle said...

Love your scrap jack. You are so incredibly talented. I love all of the colors!