Tuesday, August 14, 2007


...that I gave myself tons of stuff to do on these day off!! eek! silly me....at least I have time to do it all..but I don't think I've been outside in the sunshine yet...lol....ah well, lotsa time to hang outside with Z next week...=) got this in the e-mails this morning...

...the last day of DRIMN in France, right before people started leaving...we look so close and happy!! he he...love it!

..some cute lovey-dovey Pink.Sugar.Pop cards...love those stamps!!

..that's the inside of the card!..he he...I used watercolor pencils to add the color after I stamped the images on white cardstock...so fun! I love the watercolor 'edge' that happenes when you don't blend...=) And this one, too...i was dying to use the rocketship:

...and I finished this last night while watching 'the Hills' premiere...anybody watch the Hills? I can't believe Heidi and Spencer are engaged...blech...he he...anyways, it's for the One Little Word challenge, cuz it was just perfect for the picture...the journalling is about seeking a new/different perspective..a different view. I never would've got that picture unless I tried a weird angle, and realized I always naturally seek an odd point of view in life, anyways...lol...=)

...(sigh)....back to the ever-growing 'list'...Thanks for looking! Happy day!


Mom,Wayne&Brody said...

Love it all girlie. Nice group picture - what an amazing memory. Love the cards and the page is all inspiring.
Love and miss you

Michelle said...

Beautiful cards! I have a ton of watercolor pencils and never thought to use them. Are you using prismacolor? Or something else?

Loving your tatto. It reminds me of a basic grey rub on. Was that your inspiration for it?