Wednesday, August 15, 2007


....that's what today Argh!! day...with a capital "A"...I thought I was the only one, but my mom and sister had an Argh!! day, too...(sigh) It wasn't was just like..waste-my-time, do the boring appointment stuff, try-not-to-kill-computers day. Eye doctor. Doctor doctor. Calling UPS...which is an adventure in and of itself...just little picky things. I was trying to do my reel super-fast, realizing that I may have missed a job Op, so i think cuz I was rushing and cuz my computer is damn slow, it got me mega-frustrated...and then the files were too big to move to a computer with a dvd burner..and then I got some files to burn finally, and walked to school, and starte dworking, and everything was messed up and unworkable-with. lol...Argh!! is all i have to say. Okay, thanks for letting me rant...

...It really wasn't soooo bad, cuz I got some Zingboom stuff in the mail finally! I mean, cute robot stamps? how cool is that! and i have to do my reel anyways, so it's good that it got done...and I got to catch up with a few people at VFS, my old stomping grounds....=)i need another 3 weeks off, man..i feel like i haven't done anything and it's creepy up on me! akk! so off i go...need some Sex and the City or maybe some scrapping to cheer me up...=) ahhh...hope your day was cool!

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