Thursday, August 16, 2007

lazy day...

...well, okay....i got up at like 7:30 this morning and went to my old stompin grounds, VFS, to work on my demo reel. And I am so surprised I manage to work with computers all day and not be constantly just don't like me, I swear! So anyways...finally got that done..for now. And everyone there was like, "hey! I saw your thing on the blog!" and I was like....ooooh...Cows on a Plane! My film got picked up and is being screened on the Enroute film festival (i linked to this website the other day but didn't really explain..), so it'll be played for the month of October on all Air Canada flights....who woulda thunk?? I'm so surprised at my silly cow was so funny to see cow on the school blog... yeah, after vfs this am, I got some groceries...headed home..attempted to make some artsy stuff to no avail (it just wasn't working out...weeeird) and then took a nap, cuz my bed is such a comfy mass of blankies, i couldn't not. And then i continued to have a much-needed lazy, watch "shakespeare in love" and eat popcorn lazy night. Ahhh...i'm such a

Oh! And Scrapmuse August kit stuff!

My cutie's a pretty old picture, actually..he looks like a little man now....=) With dirt all over his face...can't wait to see him again!

(Z said this one was pirate-ey. he he...just some Mexico pics)

(me and my ex-boy in Puerto Vallarta)

Kelly and I lookin all posh on grad night...=) I dyed the photo and it totally turned out super-dark..woops!

This is some pics of the resort I stayed at in Mexico a few years pretty! The page is feelin totally 80's, though...I swear I had a shirt with those colors and some palm trees on it when I was five...he he

There we it looks like I did something creative today, when really...I was far from happy night everyone!


Nat said...

Love your layouts - you rock!!! Congrats on your film - I love this one so much!!!! hehehe

Mom said...

Wow - you have been a busy girl!!

renee said...

shell thats so awesome your film is going to be on air canada flights too bad im not flying anywhere in october that would be so fun to watch it!! your scrapbook pages are awesome.. we miss you its been so long :)

Michelle said...

Beautiful lo! Congrats on your film being all over the skies! That's incredible!

celine navarro said...

wow! love these! and love your blog too!