Sunday, August 19, 2007


...pretty's everyone's been? was Z's grad on Friday night!! His films..and his whole class, actually...was awesome...there was much shmoozing, vodka tonic, and a cool afterparty at Jesters here downtown...Moose and Adam even joined us all...which was pretty cool...=) Had fun..drank good tequila and rums...ahhh...which means Saturday was recovery day...sleep in, ice cream at the beach..pretty chill day. Today I haven't done's so cool to actually have Z at home now that he's not at school 24/7, so we putzed and made omelettes..and now he's at home packing up his things to move here, and I'm cleaning and just about to do some Darejackage...=)

Happy night! I'll have some artsy stuff to post soon!


Mom said...

Glad you guys had a good weekend - Glad that Tzanko is done school - hope you have a great day!!

Mom said...

How did the rest of the organizing go - so much fun.