Thursday, August 09, 2007

Ars Longa....(sigh)

sooo...i meant to take pics of those cute cards i made...but the weather here is really yucky and grey = not much natural picture light, and i have tons to do for a break, here's some pics of the coolest exhibition ever!! While in France, we went to a place called Ars Longa one day to work on our projects, and i could hardly work for all the inspiring pieces in and painted onto the building! The exhibition was called "Totem", a 5 artist collaboration...check it out!

All of the paintings on the large wall were connected with a painted chain, that began in the first large painting and was painted on walls and in the other paitings, so that they were all connected. The walls were also painted on by the same artists, and there were stars and skulls spraypainted everywhere, too!

This is my fave piece that was there:

Why, you say? Well..the goth style is really awesome, but when i went to take a closer was totally the way i scrapbook mixed-media...there was acrylic paint, spray paint on top, and some stitching right through the canvas. I am in love...

..and if that wasn't enough, cool mini buttons in an awesome antique frame...

...and this was just the icing on the cake....=)

...(sigh) best place ever. Sooo inspiring to work in that environment...though I couldn't help but figure out how they did what; like, wow they painted that with acrylic and stencils on the wall?? or...ooho..that guy made floral fabric into a canvas, and then dripped paint down the length of it cool!! there are no words. =) Guess i should plug the artists in case i'm not supposed to post photos..he he

Ariane aka Miette (my fave!!)
Marie Alloy

happy night!


Mom said...

Wow - those are pretty cool and all inspiring and so your style!!

Michelle said...

Wow, those are some amazing artists. I could see how it would be hard to concentrate with such amazing artwork on the walls. And it is totally your style!

Martha Bonneau said...

O.k., that is just the most amazingly inspiring cool!!

a little about me and my life said...

love all the eye candy. very inspiring. I may be lurking on your blog for the next hour. Don't mind me because seriously lovin' the pics!