Wednesday, August 08, 2007


...a page i made for Elsie's blog party challenge today....cuz i'm home during the day now!! yippee!! he he...i could get waaay too used to this...! it's a little list of 20-some things i want to do before i'm 25...things like...skydive, go back to paris, classically animate something again...i meant to put "learn to cook stuff without looking at the recipe", but there's a bunch more stuff; take photography classes, etc. but if i make a list list i'll just feel bad about not accomplishing this stuff yet, and, frankly, i have no just a little attainable list for now. =)

..went to Micheal's this morning, cuz it's impossible to scrap without them sticky squares...and my corner rounder was shot...and i was running out of paint and embroidery floss, which i'm realizing, are my staples! then got some yummy groceries...And my mum is the coolest! she sent me a wicked mr. potato head tin!! i am in love...=) thank you, mum! started chipping away at the to-do list...realized how fast days go by even when i'm not that busy..argh...and how much i really have to i think if i scrap at the rate i'm going, i'll be satisfied for a while in case the next job is as work-24-7 as the last one and i have no time scrap. And i have a dealine sneaking up on me, so i gotta get on it! Waitin for the next Scrapjack, and wanting to do this OLW challenge..and totally addicted to this site! Plus, a cool tattoo-related scrap thing is in the ya what i mean so...=) Posting some cute cards tommorrow, the pics looked crappy today, so just a peek for now....hope everyone's day was great!


Michelle said...

I'd probably live in your etsy shop! Love the lo. I've been meaning to ask, are those alphabet letters stamps? And who by?

And boy do I know what you mean about days going by fast even when you're not working your full time job. So many things to do. And then there is all the stuff that people have you do since you don't work full time.

I'm feeling spoiled to see such cute stuff in such little time!

Mom said...

Enjoy your day!!

Janique from Switzerland said...

wow, I love your page !!