Tuesday, August 07, 2007

a little cow story.....

....so. cows and i have a slight history. slight meaning...well, let me start:

I finally have some time to draw...just draw....whatever my little heart wants, while i'm listening to (trying not to fall asleep) a lecture on *gulp* insanely mathematical perspective at Le Gobelins (this really cool animation school in France)...and i look down at my doodles, and this is what i've done:

Cool, right? Then i get home, and see this at work waiting for me to use:

Hmm. more cows. cows, cows everywhere. And i sift through a pile of doodles i did while in france, and there are monsters with cow pieces on em, and monsters with udders. So then I suddenly realize "whoa...i draw a lot of cows. and udders. what's up with that??" (i think Z was even there for this...) and then i found this picture that mom took when i was at school, sitting at my desk surrounded by cows and cow reference, and remembered my portfolio all full of cows., and, geee i made a film about a cow....but i sure can't remember drawing a cow EVER before film school. Soooo it's a mystery...a silly, kind of amusing mystery that now it is the mindless thing i draw when i can draw anything. I had to write it down, cuz they really are everywhere. (sigh) so i did this silly layout to get the words on paper with the silly picture of me and all the cow pictures taped up around me; a page i'd been wanting to do since i realized the cow abundance...he he...i made the little cows freehand just drawing from the stationary pictures...and used my pink.sugar.pop stamps for the speech bubbles. And it's an attempted scrapjack of Kristina Contes for Darejack numero uno...but i'm kinda horrible at following sketches and other page designs..he he...

Silly cow page. silly cow story...did i make you giggle?

Anyways...had soo much to do today...but i ended up having to stay at work til 2 to finish up, and walked home all soggy from the rain, and didn't feel like going anywhere but under a warm blanket at home...so i read Mr. Potter...ohmygosh!! finally finished! seriously, waaaay better than I could have imagined!! Go read it if you haven't! My apartment is freezing for the first time in months, and I have other stuff to do, but i just can't stop using the pink.sugar.pop stamps to make mushy mushy cards....i'll post some tommorrow....you think i can post something artsy every day i'm off?? I'm gonna try....and i'm officially DONE WORK now!! for 3 weeks!! Yay!! ahhh...happy night!...i leave you with this cute little curly tail...


Mom said...

Love the cows!! But you know I do. I will have to dig up the pictures of you at the farm feeding the calfs - which you girls used to do when we went to visit every summer!!
Love ya - have a fun week

Michelle said...

I can't help but laugh at your post. I love cows too. I even bought cow socks with the individual toes pink for the udders!

Gotta love those animation tables. My first semester my light didn't work. Imagine how hard that was for me since I had my back to a window!

Congrats on finishing the book. I'm nearly there. Hoping to finish today.

Nat said...

You have no idea how much I love this!!! You amaze me!!!

Cady said...

Ah yes, the cows...who could forget? :3
We already miss you here at the B...it's SO quiet...lots of people have left...there's only a teeny handful of us left.
I'm going for a drink (or many) with Chris on Friday...looking forward to that.
Ha ha...everyone here in the studio is dead tired...but it's over soon! Some more than others...^_~
Have lots and lots of fun, and here's something to keep you entertained in the meantime:


PS - Finished HP on Monday....OH MY GOD is all I can say. So good. I cried lots. :3