Monday, August 06, 2007

....oh, scrappies

..thanks so much for the sweet comments, girls!! totally made me smile today...=) you are so cute!
...another lil fancy pants something...whew...finally caught up on my scrappin from last month (got a little crazy after i got home from Paris and had work waiting for me and rent to pay...oy!) This is little me when I was 10 months old...=) he he...

..a lil close up, cuz mandy and z both said that the straight-on pic does no justice to the texture/depth....and it's true...i make some chunky pages, dude....he he

...and I am totally feeling like a kid on summer vacation! only vacation for me right now is pjs, inside, watchin People's Court....making cards and pages...i just finished up some Pink.Sugar.Pop yummies, but they'll have to wait until daylight comes back...yay! so excited...i haven't had this much time to scrap since..well...before I moved here to Van, what....a year and a half ago?? ahhhh...but i also had to do a major house-cleaning today, too...yuck! I will soooo always hate doing dishes!! read a little harry, but i got to a point where i didn't want to find out what happens i've stopped for the laundries..also playing with my Scrapmuse kit...check out what's in it this month!

...and i miss's so weird when he's not here now that he's been here all the time....ya know? anyways...busy day tommorrow! hope you all had a happy monday!

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