Thursday, August 30, 2007

yay, scrappy contests!

Thanks for the cute comments, ladies! he he...Mandy! I'm dying to know how the barbeque went with your boy and the family the other night!! Hope it was good..miss you, too, girl! I'll be there in less than a month..yay!..and Michelle...I feel like I know you, too..he he...and Mom, you're so cute. =) Anyways, no pics of the pages edited yet...cuz I'm still workin on the pages...(big surprise there)..

And how excited am I about Last Scrapper Standing Part 2!!! Duuuude....that was the most awesome contest ever, I made some of my most favorite pages ever..and it was just a great artistic challenge!

Also, super-excited about the grandjack!! how much does that rock?? I gotta get crackin, though...3 pages...whew! August always has such great contests, man! Also...some cool new things coming from PinkSugarPop in like..2 days! he he...just wait til you see what it is...!! ...and me? I'm dying, just dying to make a idea involves Flash, a cute girl pirate, and help me figure out how to set it all up...he he...then I can get rid of that dang-blasted unused art blog...and also, am finally wanting to get on Facebook, like everyone's been hassling me about...only cuz there's pics of my cute nephew on there...he he....hope everyones' week is going good! That's all for now!


Renee said...

yes michelle give into facebook!! it is sooo addicting :)

Mom, Wayner & Brody said...

Heh Girlie - you sound busy. Hope you and Z have a great weekend and we can't wait to see you both in 3 weeks. We are off to Medicine Hat to clean Wayne's moms new house (which is a mess) - leaving mid afternoon - will call you sometime on the weekend from there (no phone hooked up yet)
Love and miss you

Michelle said...

Sounds like you'll be crazy busy! Can't wait to see your stuff.

Lizee said...

OMG its YOU!!!
Ive had your Within Layout (dare challenge #1) in my book of scraps since 2006!--seriously..LOL

I absolutely fell in love with it. I was in awe when I saw your layout. Its so vibrant!
the different supplies and techiniques you used it, definitely inspired me to creat outside the box:)