Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy V-days everyone!

Hope that everyone's day was good....=) Mine, well..I haven't had any chocolate today, so something is just not right there. he he...naw, I am super happy to not be is a busy Purdy day; the first Valentines I've had off in years.....and I would be super happy to be working on my flash film if it wasn't due tommorrow...(sigh) Wish me fast animating! That's all I want for this Valentines day. =) A good film. And some cheap chocolate come tommorrow when it's all on sale....I did, however get some beautiful roses from Andrew....he gave them to all of us girls in class cuz we have no Valentines...he he..=) Who needs a Valentine, anyways? he a sneak at the new Scrapmuse kit today...yippee!! There are some awesome kits coming out in the next few months with all the cool new CHA sure to check it out! I will post my pages for February soon when I'm allowed...he he...other than that....hope all is good! Tommorrow night I will get to sleep, and, well, sort of have some "time off" making my portfolio and demo reel for Monday. heh. No rest for the wicked....til then, I will force my eyes to stay open here by my is so hard to stay awake when staring at a screen!! Happy night! =)


Mom said...


Mom said...

Are you alive???? How were the deadlines