Monday, February 26, 2007


Lookie, lookie....I am officially a VFS grad!! Who-ho! Friday was the big grad day....Cory did an awesome speech for us, made us all roll around laughing in our seats...and Jared's speech was equally awesome....and everyone laughed at the right spots in my film(s)...(yay!) ...and there was champagne and a cool party (even though we all didn't hang out together as a class the whole night, it was still awesome)...and a cool guy...and some job offers.....and the weekend was so awesome; my family was here til Sunday so i got to hang out with them, eat yummy food, drink yummy wine, and then after they left I had a cute lil date at the Vancouver Aquarium and then more wine..=) Sooooo cool, this weekend.....Such a nice breath of fresh air after the toils of film...(sigh).....So we went shopping at Granville, the pics are some cool things I love...the paper-Ya store is my fave.....found some cool green felt ribbon, and some little post it notes that I thought would be awesome for journalling cuz they're so full of attitude...and the buttons I had to buy, cuz the definition of "Maraud" says, 'make raid for booty'...hah...and the other one is "Rigor Mortis", which reminded me of my scary dance teacher when I was 11 who always told me to relax my hands cuz they looked like they had rigor mortis (nice guy, hey?) so, being scarred for life from that teacher, decided it would make a cool page..he he...and the deck fo cards I'm going to use for Emily's challenge, cuz they are as big as my hand, and even though I started making the deck already...i could not resist a deck of cards so giant...=) Anyways, I'm hoping to have some days off here...this week is packed; I have to finish up my Design Team projects, give my landlords notice, do my portfolios, check out the job prospects, decide where I want to work, look for a place to live, start a more "professional" blog, make both them blogs look hot, post my film (yes, it will be up soon!) I have a few shifts this week...and yeah. Buh bye, spare time. =) But today, I get to hang out in my J's a scrap cuz I need to. Check out my new slide show to the right!!...and Happy day!
*Oh, and TracyG, I haven't been able to find you! Please leave me your e-mail address if you read this! =)


Mom said...

Slide show is awesome - you did it!! Hope your having a fun day.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great time at graduation and spending time with your family! :o)
More cool finds xxx