Sunday, February 11, 2007


...weekend, anyone? I seem to have lost mine....hmm.

he he. No really. I should be used to that by now, though. I have to admit...I am super, apartment-peeking crazy. I mean, not bincular apartment-peeking crazy, but when I'm out walking, I always kinda look into apartments so I can see what they're like inside, how people decorate, what those awesome heritage houses look like...(sigh) they are so gorgeous around here. So not in a creepy way. Another random thing about today; I totally hate it when movies have previews on tv, and they always say "The best movie of the year", or "the must-see movie of the year"......cuz, well, nobody's seen it, so really, it's just one or two people's opinion that it's a "must-see". Kind of false advertising, no? he he....just irritates me. anyways...just got here to school to settle in for a long night of animating =) You should see my computer station, there's about 50 cds scattered around me, a pillow next to me on a chair, pop, coffee mug, various flash notes. lip gloss (of course) some clothes. Umm..halls. I also stocked up on Echinacea so as to keep me healthy. Oh, deadlines. Off I go!! =)

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Mom said...

Have fun girlie!! Left you a message at home - physcho mummy!!
See you soon