Saturday, February 10, 2007

a mental health page...

...for my sanity. I needed to cut up some paper and schtuff. =) Plus, the new Dare is awesome! And, since I can't take a mental health day off...I took a few hours for myself. Check out the Dare site, I'm in a lil slide show from the last Dare (they pick faves every week now and make a lil slide show on their blog) cool. Anyways, this week's was to document a Bold moment; mine was when I broke up with a guy who was treating me crappy by saying, simply "I deserve better." Never talked or spoke to him again. Felt fabulous. =) he he...anyways, I'm off to work, then groceries only cost me $10 thanks to my awesome family who spoil me. =) there are strawberry wheats now, which i am totally excited about. vanilla mini wheats are my fave ever. Went to Chiro this morning..ahhh. Can't wait to see my lil brother and family in a few weeks!! It'll be his first trip on a plane...who-ho! And I just realized that i forgot to order pictures, so my next batch of design team pages will probably have the same ol self-portraits on em. Argh..that's getting old. Speaking of, I have no pic of the guy for this page, so it's me. lol...I had to put some picture on there. So, Happy weekend!

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Mom said...

Love the page - glad you had a wee break - hee hee!! Next weekend - at least for one day (maybe!!!)
The dare website it awesome - I am hoping it will give me some new ideas