Friday, February 09, 2007

need a break... here's some random things about me (I would write about my day, was the same as it has been all week.) Enjoy the random tidbits;

- In highschool, I was in advanced english (kinda dorky, I know) so we got to do a final presentation project on whatever we wanted and I did mine on Kurt Cobain. (everyone else chose an author of some sort..heh) So I talked about Grunge music. And Kurt. I think he's an incredibly smart person, with the exception of the killing-himself thing. And I love his viewpoint on popular music. And how Nirvana related to that. And I love his notebooks that they published a few years ago. =)

- I used to really crush on Wes Borland (that weird guy who wore the makeup in Limp Bizkit), and James Black (Finger Eleven - the guy who used to have crazy spikey hair), who is a cool artist, too. And George Strombolopolous (totally butchered that last name). So I like these crazy guys, but have never gone out with anyone who remotely resembles them. Hmm.

- I only drink pop if there's alcohol in it. he he....

- I can write things I'm thinking down waaay easier than I can try to explain what I'm thinking.

- I knew the words to the main Pocahontas song before it even came out on tape, I loved it that much. =) It is still my fave Disney.

Otay...that's all the randomness I can muster today. =) Happy night!

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Anonymous said...

I think Pocohontas rocks too :o) You can frequently hear me singing the soundtrack in the shower lol - what a treat for listeners! xx