Thursday, February 08, 2007


...almost done posing my characters in flash (which means I can animate..yay!) I've been catching up on some old tunes while being stuck in front of the computer working, which means I've been hearing old school Donnas, the Warped Tour 2003 cd, and some good ol Kurt Cobain. =) Happy times. I am such a music nut, dude. My fave songs right now are "Boxcar" by Stairwell, " Your Own Disaster" by Taking Back Sunday, and "Pop Punk Band" by Avoid One Thing (because, frankly, it sounds like a pop punk song, they poke fun at hot topic and Tom Delonge, and cuz they say the line '..I'll have spikey pop-punk hair'.) he he. Love it. But they are ever-changing. Too many good songs. Hmm...what else? Got my hair cut today...jus a little...did not feel like getting out of bed this i slept in a lil bit (we have no class during the day, technically, but so much work that we're usually here anyway), cleaned up the apartment, and to my surprise, just as I sat down to have lunch, the brand new episode of "The Hills" that I missed Monday was on...yay! made me happy. I am so badly wanting a day to chill at home in my jammies. Maybe next weekend...hmm..I may have to make that happen or I'll go crazy..=) anyways...back to work for me...=)

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Mom said...

Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel!!! Soon, and then rest, get a job, pay bills - join the rest of us!!! hee hee
Have a great day!!