Monday, January 21, 2008


...I feel like I made so much this weekend I don't know where to begin with the posting of was wonderful..=) The perks of being also married to a workaholic (okay, maybe I'm a little more of a workaholic, but..) was that we both hung around home all day Saturday drawing and creating and being artsy. duuude. Love it. We went out on Saturday to a cute lil pub called The Irish Heather, sort of for my birthday...talked animation with a few boys, fun fun. =) On Sunday there's always the normal Sunday stuff to do, but we did get out for a walk in the sun to feed the ducks....very cool. I finished up a really cool project last night that I can't tell you all about yet, but I'm super-excited about it!! eeek! Anyways, this weekend was nice and low-key and was cool to get out of the house when the sun was about and it was happy happy!

In other cool news, Scrapmojo has a cute new look, and Rachel Denbow is our guest designer this go around, which totally rocks! The girl can rock the paper..and also the sewing machine. Go check out the challenge! It's to use trash and staples....all the girls rocked it,'s my take:
I was looking for a word this year, a la Ali and decided on "Rest". not stop completely. Just...step back. Don't overload myself this year. Only do what makes me happy and =) I used a piece of cardboard, some paper scraps, the front cover of an awesome journal I got in town at Paper-Ya (which I looove and bought just so I could rip the cool notebook paper out and some other Martha Stewart and Elle's Studio goodies, too. =) It's one of my faves I've made in a while....and it was inspired by this video that Z pointed out to me: Lollipop. Sorry if you don't like Mika, but the art direction and animation is pretty freakin cool! Love it =)
Also, I started doing a 30 day challenge with Holly....make an art page a day (she's also taking a picture of the day..but I can never stick to based on a prompt to better embrace creating for yourself...pretty cool stuff. Here are my 30 words/prompts about myself:

1 - quiet (in public)
2 - quirky/silly/a total utter goof
3 - indie movie lover
4 - Capricorn
5 - new wife
6 - daughter
7 - older sister
8 - patience tester
9 - sticktoitiveness
10 - lover of words/writing/lovely quotes
11 - poetry reader
12 - messily organized
13 - non-domestic
14 - antiques/aged things
15 - bright colors
16 - chocolate fiend
17 - photographer wannabe
18 - learning as I go
19 - journals/art journals
20 - creating with my hands
21 - the ocean/water/beach
22 - I get over it quickly/accept
23 - I know what I want and I want it now.
24 - difficult/the love of "no" (my favorite word)
25 - chocolate martini/a resistance to beer
26 - secretly tattooed
27 - independent to a point
28 - wary of big groups/nervous
29 - puppies
30 - finish. My need to complete things at a certain time/all at once.
Yet the need to keep doing new things nd not completeing them.
They're kind of more then one-worded and all over the place..but I wrote them on a spur of the moment. =) journalling. It is so cool to get messy. Here's the cover and the first page, about me being quiet until you get to know me:
I used distressed cards and such for the pages...just pieces I grabbed from on and around my desk...=) I was making an altered book, but it wasn't looking like it was ever going to get finished, so I ripped a chunk out with the quote "the job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery"...that I thought was perfect, because quiet=people don't know a lot about me at first-mystery. =) More to come (but probably not'll finish it eventually)
And last but not least, A cool album and necklace that Jessica sent me (how cool is that album?? oh my word...I was stunned when I got it!! Thanks Jess!)
And this is the uber-cool pirate card that Michelle got for me...eeek! It folds out and the ship is all it! It now lives in our living room. =) Thanks again, Michelle!
Whew...thanks for bearing with me to come tommorrow! Lots more!
Happy day =)


Jessica said...

lol. I'm glad you liked it! I'm going to be selling those necklaces in my etsy're the first person to get one (other than my little girl. She got to keep the mess ups). And I wasn't sure if I should use your hubby's real initial, so that's why the Z is in quotes. LOL!

BTW, you blew me away with the latest Mojo LO! Did you draw the background? OMG. For reals. It's gorgeous.

Hatter J said...

Your stuff is really just beyond cool. seriously.

Sharmaine said...

I am absolutely loving your work right now Michelle! Loving it!!
Thanks for the eye candy, sweet!!!

Vee said...

gorgeous projects, omgoodness!! such yumminess girl :)

That Girl said...

I am SO going to have to add you to my bloglines...I LOVE that your blog title is the first line of my profile for one (smile) and WOWZA is right to all the amazing stuff you posted. Lots of color, layering and great loveliness. Thanks for sharing!

Charity S. said...

lots of yumminess going on in there!

Michelle said...

That is a beautiful book you're working on there! Jessica did an amazing job with that album. Glad you like the card.

Lisa said...

I like the first layout from your post. I love all those colors together with all the different little details. Fresh.

a little about me and my life said...

that first layout is just WOW! So many details and I love how aged it looks. You are so good. WOW!

micayla said...

OMG seriously girl your stuff is just rocking! I love seeing your stuff!

Jules said...

That card is uber cool!

I love your little book, it's a great idea!

Chrissy Le said...

Love all your work, WOW.... just fabulous stuff!

Greta said...

love that card!!
your page for the mojo is fabtastic!!

Elizabeth turned me on to your blog!! LOVE IT!!

happy tuesday

Silje Røe Hagland said...

You are killing me with all this goodness! LOVE that little album, and the "rest" LO. WOW!

Thanks for being so inspiring!! :)

Amber Risher said...

That new album you put together is awesome! I seriously don't know where that creativity you have comes from...but I need some of it. All of your work is straight up fabulous! Lovin it all!

Holly said...

I LOVE your little art page a day book! Such yumminess to look at! And so much inspo! I actually got a little of my mojo back, and got some stuff done, and posted on my blog. It felt good to be creative again! Thanks for sharing all your stuffs, and I can't wait to see the rest!

Kelly said...

lol you are my creative idol! I cannot believe the details in your stuff- just amazing!

Michelle McGee said...

Man, I LOVE your stuff!