Tuesday, May 06, 2008


First of all....the winner of the tag RAK! =)
Z randomly chose a number and that numbered comment ended up being:

Lori W said...
oooooh so cute! I love scrapbooking/art journaling because I need the therapy! It gets my creative juices flowing! Woohoo!

Send me your address Lori, so I can pass it on to Veronica nad she can get out those fab tags to you! michelle.a.clement@gmail.com

Yay! Thanks for all the feedback on that, guys!! =) Lovely answers to why everyone loves scrapbooking! As for me, I love scrapbooking for waaay too many reasons to list..he he....only wish I had time to do it right now!! But it looks like I have been scrapping (did these lil guys about a week ago), cuz I have some yumminess from my Guest Design stint at Scrapmagie kits to post:
I did a step-by-step of the dimensional hand-cut bouquet for the Scrapmagie site on this page, and it was highlighted on Scrapscene the other day...duude! =) It was funny to get that in my inbox..he he. Here's the page, and you can see the step-by-step here.And this page I made from the kit is for the latest Scrapmojo challenge: Recycle an old page (check out the blog for our different takes on 'recycling') and use 5 of something. I use 5 little paper circles from sushipotparts, and I recycled the idea/picture from and older layout, as I didn't want to literally rip apart my old page, but I didn't like it much so it could've used a redo. Here's the original page:And here's the new take on it:....still not in love with the new version...maybe some pictures just aren't meant to be scrapped? heh, anyways....go check out the challenge! The fab Elle's Studio is sponsoring this go around!

Anyways, thanks to Marina at Scrapmagie for having me Guest design for her this month!! The gallery is up and there's lotsa inspiration using the awesome kit there, too!! =)

And, to answer a few questions I've seen in the comments...those paint speckles on my pages are most often watercolor paint...or acrylic paint mixed with water. I get my brush really wet and hold it over my page and then lightly tap just above the bristles to get a splatter: the smaller the brush, the smaller the splatters. Takes a little practice, but it's fun!

The apple digi kit has been removed from my Etsy shop for reasons I'm not sure I can divulge yet...but stay tuned for an announcement, or perhaps you'll find out via e-mail from a special somewhere...;)

Annnd...thanks for all the sweet words!! Still haven't been able to do blog rounds, I'm just swamped in work!! My throat was starting to hurt the other day from lack of sleep, so I've managed to fix that, and still get lots of work done. It's a juggle between a crazy production schedule here at the studio, on top of remembering my old job and getting back in the zone with that....and also getting lots of stuff built and ready to animate at home...Oy! But I have been sleeping a fair amount, and Z and I have the occasional ice cream and cupcake at the beach breaks...he he. =) Hope everyone is well!! And happy day! =)


Bekka said...

I thought I saw your apple collection somewhere else... :D

Andrea said...

Yay! Glad I could buy it while I still could. ;) That's great it got picked up so fast though!
I am playing in photoshop today coloring and cleaning up some flourishes I drew and scanned in. Fun, fun!

Linda Albrecht said...

Such beautiful layouts!! Linda

CandiMandi said...

Great redo of that LO! And I must say that the picture is sooo cute and definately meant to be scrapped!

sally hanna said...

congratulations miss hot stuff new digi designer for sistv!!!! holy smokes you rule!!! yay! yay! yay! doing some serious happy dancing for you!! xoxo

Lori W said...

Beautiful layouts! And HOORAY! I won the RAK! I've sent you an email w/ my info! SOOOO Thrilled!!!
Thank you thank you!

Anonymous said...

Love the pages - and especially love seeing the ones of you girls when you were little - actually done!!!!
Guess that means I have to start working on mine.
Love Mom

cydders said...

cograts on the apple digi at SIStv!!!!! i got the email yesterday! AWESOME! I'm still baffeled by digi, but if it were a real paper kit, i'd be all over it! love it!


Donna. said...

YAY!!!! I'm so happy to see new eye candy posts! I love the new layouts. And the MOJO newbie version is so pretty! I cannot see why you don't think much of it.

Hope you stay well enough to finish up your work.

PS I know why the apple was removed. ;D