Monday, May 26, 2008


Today, my thoughts are in some whimsical place full of bright colored sunsets and pink sparkly ice cream and sand. =)1. candy pop land, 2. A postcard for the Margarita island, 3. Butterfly Show 2, 4. one with the sea, 5. mmmummm..mummm...mmmmummmmumumum, 6. IMG_7477, 7. Paradise*, 8. Mallorca 2007 -- Waiting for summer to come, 9. Beach fire

But I am stuck here at work...ha ha....=) We had our holiday weekend in Canada last weekend, so work today, it is! I am seriously dying to go somewhere hot and bask in some relax on a lawn chair. Lovely...=) So at least my eyes can enjoy that thanks to some gorgeous Flickr love...soooo much inspiring stuff there!

Anyways, hope everyone's weekend was fab! I worked from day til night both days on my animation, but hopefully I'll be done by Friday and can sleep in and be done and enjoy the sunshine!! Yay!! Sooo excited...I have about 6 scenes of 28 left to finish off, so it's going really well!! The end is near, if not right in front of me....=) There were a few ice cream at the beach breaks over the weekend, though...and I have a little bit of pink tan to prove it! hah...and a lovely friend shared some tunes with me and that made the day much more bearable...=) It's hard to work when the sun is shining through the window right beside me!! lol...but I had some Guster, Anna Nalick, and Ting Tings to help me focus.

Oh! I also got this delicious book in the mail:

(Totally borrowed this pic from Elsie's blog...) yesterday and it's amazing!! So happy I snatched one up before they all sold out...I very rarely buy scrapbook goodies anymore, but this one I just couldn't pass up! All the pages are amazing - and it was so awesome to see Rachel and the other girls in it, too! Sooo..inspiring! So it is now waiting for me on my desk, amoung some other new goodies like my May Dozens' kit (there are still a few left!), a Maya Road chipboard tree album, and some lovely Living Room Floor stuff that's waiting to be played with! It's all just't wait til the end of the week when I can dive into my kit! And have you seen the Red Velvet June kit peek?? Yummy!!

Also, Jodie over at KittyRobot is doing little featurettes on us DT girls every week - this week is moi! Check it out over on the Kittyrobot blog!

Happy day everyone! Here's hoping you dipped your toes in the ocean and had a cone of two over the last few sunny days! =)


Hilary Kanwischer said...

Oh what a sweet little blog you have. I'll be back often for a peek. Great photo's. :)

inara said...

thanks for all the inspiration!!!!!

Vicki Canning said...

I love the pictures on your blog :) they brightened up my day!!!

have a great week
~vicki x

Anonymous said...

I am envious girl - I wanted to order one of those - you will have to bring it along when you come to visit in the summer and maybe I can enjoy it - just a little!!
Love the post

Jill Deiling said...

i hope you get your work done soon so you can SLEEP! I feel so bad for you! lol.
I got the elsie book too, i looove it too, it's sitting on my scrapbook desk for inspo! :)
thank you so much for the mini book link on my blog, i appreciate it so much!
Loved your little bio over at kitty robot. i hope youre having a good monday! :)

Chelsea said...

Ahh!! I want the recipe box so bad!! :) PS: I love the monster print... as soon as my son's room is all up and ready I will give you a photo (it looks awesome in there!!!)

~Doll~ said...

i invite you to take my challenge


Michelle said...

I love those photos Michelle!! So Pink and fun!!! Where did you get the Elsie book??? I want one so bad LOL but they are sold out everywhere :[ Hope you get some sleep soon!! Take Care!

danilouwho said...

Love that new Elsie book! I love how it's not just layouts to inspire, so much awesome information!

I would love to be somewhere hot and toasty too.... no way I can afford it right now though! :P

Marie said...

I got mine too and am in love with it (elsie)!!! Ill go to the far away sparkly magic beach with ya lol!

Lizee said...

i cant wait to see what creations you come up with elsie's recipe book... you are just as wickedly talented as elsiecake (seriously!! :)

thanks for the yummee photos inspirations..

CandiMandi said...

Ooooh you picked the perfect flickr set! haha SOOO summery and it makes me wanna get away.

Michelle said...

I haven't seen Elsie's book in stores yet but I did see it at CHA. Looks so inspiring! Love the collage of photos.