Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Or, "while I wait for my work to render here at work."
(....inspired by this lovely list.)

journals of all sorts. burts bees in every hoodie pocket. freshly air-popped popcorn. toes in the chilly surf. rays of sun to soak in on the couch. a soft blanket. snuggling. reaching for eachothers' hands. made up silly words only we understand. figuring out movie psychology. the first drops of light rain on my cheek. samson. polka dots. beached canoes. seeing the ocean on the daily. acoustic tunes. a lovely large purse to take the house with me, or to bring a new house home in. antique shopping. vintage paper bits. paper cut-outs. my grandpas cologne. waking up with the sun shining in. the sound of a fresh pot of coffee in the making. library reserve list. lantern festivals. funky embroidery. good luck dolls. a fresh loaf of bread. aged leather. happy mail. gut instincts. guacamole. handmade cards from a certain boy. saving the best for last. treating yourself. chocolate cake in the morning. amazing homemade tequila straight from mexico. kawaii fabric. real life pirate ships. monsters of all shapes and sizes. first kisses. roasted marshmallows. sleeping in a tent. worn grey jeans, my favorite old runners. stepping out on a limb. creating. picking blackberries. flip-flops. bare feet. the first hint of a tan. reruns. finding a hidden perfect quote in a song for the first time. something to look forward to. long beach. flowers from hubby.

Annnnd...the lovely Rebecca of Pink Paislee is giving away a stamp set cuz of my lovely skull card (omigoodness - I'm blushing!! he he), you have til Friday to sign up here! These stamps are fab, so make sure you leave some love for a chance to win them!
This lovely Red Velvet kit peek I saw yesterday also brings me joy - love the bright summer feel of it! And this new kit club, Paperminx, a lovechild of the ever-so-fab Stephanie, maker of livingroomfloor goodies and her friend, is also happy. Check out the peek at the new launch and their fab guest designer! I'm excited!! Wish I had time to just scrapbook all day long with kits and kits and more kits...he he.

Joy, also in the fact that my mind is a-churning. Yesterday, all day long, random ideas for notepad designs just kept popping into my head. It was odd. But inspiring - I need to design something pronto or I might just go a little crazy! Also, contemplating a new blog and wishing I had some website building skills for my little Bubbly Shnooks...I miss making things for the shop during this busy-ness...all I can do here at work is set up a mailing list - so stay tuned for that! =) I'm planning on releasing new goodies and small scrapbook supply goodies at least once a month, but I'm bad at sticking to those things, so we'll see how it goes...lol. As for today - I'm doodling ideas for the new digi collections I will be releasing in June. yay!

And to feed the fascination I have for felt cameras; the only other felt cameras I have ever seen on Etsy and it is way, way cooler than mine, and also from Vancouver. he he...loooove the whole shop!

Almost one-jobbed. One more scene to go, a whole lotta fixes, and a few later-er nights than usual and I should be all finished! Looking forward to a weekend of no alarm clock, the beach, baking, a relaxing bath, a pedicure, watching movies with Z, and eating ice cream. Dude...so excited. =)


inara said...

that card is so darling! I just love all your work!

CandiMandi said...

You're not getting rid of this blog to move somewhere else are you??? Cause this one rocks and I think you did an excellent job designing it. I have design envy! haha Seriously though I love your blog.

micayla said...

I cannot wait to see what you did with the RVK stuff for real.....I am all excited now!

Michelle said...

What a fun list! Lemme guess, possible upcoming guest designer for the paperminx kit? Looks yummy!

Laura said...

You know, this is actually the first time in my life that i am a night owl. Usually I have always been an early bird and haven't been able to stay up even if I would have wanted to! Odd stuff.

*Fauve* said...

SO cool,luvin that camera case!!

shelly b said...

oh girlie...i'm lovin the felt cameras! And that stamp is stupendous. You are so talented! I mean truly talented!!