Monday, May 12, 2008

Oh, Monday

A little Monday "what I love right now", cuz today has sucked at work due to my lovely computer messing I'm waiting for it to correct all the things it did wrong the other day. Argh, I say! As if normal Mondays don't suck
Here we go:
Totally loving mini-marshmallow infused instant hot chocolate.
Apricots, the first sign of fresh yummy summer fruit to come....
Nut and Bee, check out her shop and you'll totally understand:
I'm a sucker for "Oooo" mouthed drawings....what can I say? hah...and random octopus with bear drawings, and angry asparagus drawings? duuude...I'm in love with Nut and Bee. =)
Loving So Softies shop, too
Also in love with this album:
Currently "Gravity" is on my repeat over-and-over list.

Also in love with this girl, Ingrid Michaelson. How did I not buy the sweater song album back in December?? Anyways, I can't stop listening to "Die Alone" and "Keep Breathing". yummy...=) Double-yummy is the line "...And I think he's the tops, he's where everything stops" from a certain other cool song...(a scrappy page with this quote is now mentally in the works).And who doesn't love Dashboard? Well, I sure have since I was like 16....Chris is the cutest. Love his tatts. Love his songs. I just bought the new album (well, new a while ago), and love it to bits. =)

Totally dying to see this, cuz I know I'll love it. =) Ellen Page and can you go wrong?

Very (unexpectedly) in love with Rihanna's "Take a Bow", too...not usually the way I swing music-wise, but it has me rockin out. =)

Eeeh...That's all for today. I'm totally worked out and my attention span was that of a 5 year olds' was sunny out and I'd been up everyday at 7:30 working straight til the wee morning boxes of scrap goodies around...(sigh)..we did go for a walk and saw baby geese...yay! And I made a big dent in the animation project, so it's all good. =)


inara said...

You have good taste!!! (But I already knew that!)

*fauve* said...

I so wanna see that sjp movie!

Donna. said...

I hope that computer mess gets figured out soon.

And that turtle is so me this morning. LOL ;)

Love your love list today!!!

scrappyfairy said...

Ok... So I thought you were pretty damm cool before... but seeing you like Dashboard seriously made me smile.
I have loved them for countless years, and Met chris in 2001, he was so nice, I think I fell in love for the evening LOL!

anyway - I just thought Id drop you a message as i always just read and run.
Love your work, love your style and love ya taste in mooosic!!


Jules said...

Smart People - that is a pretty good movie eh?

Stephanie said...

I love me some Dashboard...I made a Christmas ornament out of a pic of Chris one time..mmmm...

and Smart People...can't wait. I also love me some SJP. Is it weird that I think she's my friend?? :D

Kara said...

Dang! Good music choices! Ingrid Michaelson=Love. And that Rihanna song? Yep, in love with that too.

Dani said...

love the music picks!! And I am dying to see Smart People too...

Hot Chocolate is a major love in my life. I actually have a hot chocolate maker... tad obessed with the stuff!

nut and bee .... omigosh, thanks for that link because now I'm going to end up sooo broke.

and of course mpatrizios shop. yummy stuff.

Mymsie said...

Oh, isn't Sara Bareilles' album so wonderful? My current fave is Vegas. :)

Anonymous said...

i don't visit your blog often, but i try to at least once every couple weeks. so...imagine my surprise to hear sarah burailles come blaring out of my laptop while browsing!!!!! and you couldn't have picked a better song. it brought me to tears the first time i heard it and still gives me goose bumps. i can totally relate.