Tuesday, April 03, 2007


.....owls. Yes, owls...among skulls, birds and robots (yay!!) owls are hot right now in the scrapbook world...=) Makes me happy....this is the April kit from Scrapmuse....looks sooo awesome, doesn't it?? I haven't got my hot little hands on it yet, cuz, well...I just moved and that messes with the shipping of monthly kits...=) but soon, oooh soon. Til then, I'll have to dig out my tools and stuff anyways, which are in a pile somewhere with all the stuff I have. =)

Some other randomness:
The guy next to me here at work was saying that the "alternative" genre of music is a joke. Which somehow made me think of the last time I was at future shop, and Paris Hilton's cd was in the rock section. Seriously, people. Would that not be a pop album?? I seriously hope that this is not somehow predicting the future of rock n' roll, cuz I am seriously scared to walk down that aisle, now for fear of seeing a lindsay lohan album. Ahhh!! Back to listening to my Nirvana.

Also, have to say, I could not figure out my new shower. Usually, there's some kind of knob that you lift, or that obviously is for turning on the shower. But my faucet, well....nothing. You have to pull down the part that the water actually comes out of. Sleek, yes. But baffling also. =)

And my fridge, my new fridge....smells like fiberglass inside. Still. That new appliance smell. Just like the oven smells when you cook anything on it. And so today, when I went to eat my carrots at lunch, I felt like I was ingesting waaay too many chemicals that had been absorbed into them because they tasted like the lovely, fiberglass-yummy smell. Note to self; box of baking soda thrown in there as soon as I get home.

Otay, that's all. I'm on my lunchbreak, cuz I have not set up my computer at home yet...maybe I'll tackle that mass of cords tonight..=) Til then...happy day!

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