Sunday, March 18, 2007


..what a relaxing weekend (??) Can I just say, I have next Saturday off, and I am soooo happy. =) Forgot how busy it is to work 2 jobs, juggle a guy, and still get all the other schtuff I have to get done done. Speaking of, Blogs will be up tommorrow. Yes. Yes, they will.
Scrapmuse: check it out!! Us Design Team girls have been downloading our projects to the gallery all weekend; lotsa cool stuff goin on there!! The March kit rocks!!

I am dying to see "Premonition" (Twists and turns...yay!! can't wait to see it!)
I have officially been not single for a month. We started talking over wine, and we're gonna go celebrate with a bottle in a few minutes at the very cute pub we hung out at a month ago. =)
Also, we have this cute "chicken Sunday" thing. This means awesome food/dessert/movie night. Very cool. It has now been moved to Saturday, but chicken Saturday proved to be just as cool. Just in case I mention chicken sunday later, you'll all know what I mean. =)
Bought packing tape + boxes in my hallway = wow, I haven't started packing yet. Hmm.
Bacon rocks!
Okay, that's all the randomness you get today. I'ma go antique shopping soon. And shopping for any article of clothing with a skull on it. And I'ma decorate. Must wait for money. Really, I've been to the mall for 2 weekends and haven't bought anything. Yay, unusual self-control! Wait! One last randomness: I think my fave spongebob is 'Jellyfishing'. Season one. Check it out, y'all.

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