Tuesday, March 13, 2007


....did I mention the all-you-can-drink coffee at work?

this is or is not a really good thing. he he...

....the work is picking up, getting a lotta harder, but I'm learning lots, too...still getting used to Flash, again....I am in love with the characters on the show I'm working on, though....so it's fun even though I wanted to rip out my hair a few times today...thank god, it's fun...he he...it's a really funny show...can't wait til it's on tv!! =)

I have a ginormous blister on my entire heel, and had the crankiest bus driver on the way home, and missed my chiropractor's appointment, and have to clean my messy house, still...among a million other things. And my phones have died. ha ha...soo....I am still happy, after all of that, which is awesome..=) And I'm supposed to enjoy my nights off while I still can (says my co-workers, who are pulling looong days right now) so I'm gonna. =)

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Mom said...

Yes - you will start working those long nights sooner than later!! I left you a few messages - that explains it - your phones are down. Just let me know that you got the message - very important info!!!

Yes the coffee thing is deadly at work - why I have such a bad habit.