Monday, March 12, 2007


I am officially a full-time revisionist at Studio B!! (Soon-to-be animator, that is) I have a month to remember the ropes of Flash and get up to speed, and then I get to animate!! So exciting!! So thankful I got a job right away and that the show and the studio are so awesome!! Love it, love the 9-5 gig. Love that I am home right now and not scooping ice cream for way less money. Love that I'm gonna have some time to scrap this week....catch up on my list, chill out, watch my fave new episodes of my fave shows. he's all good!

Also, have to say, I walked the 40 minutes it took for me to get to work this morning, and it was sunny for the first day after a string of rainy, cloudy days, and there are cherry blossoms out here already, and I walked by the ritzy waterfront, all the way across downtown, and it's so cool here!! I am lovin this city! Everything from really touristy areas (ie, my new stompin grounds; Gastown) to yacht clubs, to beaches every 10 blocks, Stanley Park, busy Davie Street, cool old heritage homes, etc. I'll have to take some pictures when I move to my new place, there's an old house/museum on the way there, and the neighboorhood I'm in is so quiet it doesn't even feel like the city!! I loved the walk....hope it doesn't pour on me tommorrow...=) I have to say, though....I've never seen so many rowdy incidents as I've seen in the last few days; the other day, saw a wicked bottle-throwing bar fight at like 7 pm, someone got kicked out of a Roger's Video store while we were there, and today there was a crazy lady yelling at some skateboarders about art. (sigh). Keeps it entertaining. It's never personally threatening. It's all good. It doesn't even feel like downtown, to me. Anyways, my place is a crazy mess, and I have art to make, so happy night!! =) More updates soon...


~*Gems*~ said...

Sounds like a happy day :o) Your city sounds really awesome. Need pictures hehe!


Mom said...

Glad your getting settled in and happy that you got a job that you will love - and we know that you will love it.
Good walking - rainy days will not be, but I guess that is why all you Vancouverites have umbrellas!!