Saturday, March 10, 2007

aww, dudes....

I totally threw my back out yesterday......I bent and twisted funny (lifting bins of paper, of all and reversed, like, everything my chiropractor has been doing for my lower back....well, k, at least it felt like that's what I did. We're talkin it hurt when I moved my hip bones, which is kinda, ermm vital to movement. (sigh) But it's getting better tonight.... list of things to do is growing!!! geesh. It will just not go away....deadlines, deadlines, boxes waitin to be packed up (I know, I keep saying..lots to do. I'll stop. But, it's all I can think about..)

....watched lil Miss Sunshine (I fall more in love with that movie everytime I see it..) and drank some wine and had some yummy food last night = totally relaxing and cool...also = not getting much done, but it's all good...I have some free nights next week to be busy. =)

...still can't wait to move!!


Mom said...

How is the back -silly girl!!

Mom,Wayne&Brody said...

Hope your 1st day of work is fun, fun fun!!!