Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Sooo....did I mention I might go to FRANCE!! Yes, France; I, who have barely travelled anywhere! I am jumping up and down right now....=) But I gotta finish the application, was a VFS related go to France and see all the animation schools out there. WOW. wow....Granted, I think I was the only one who applied....but who-ho! So I got that phone call today.....and then, as I was reminded last night, realized that everything is freakishly falling into place so fast and well, perfectly, and there's all this cool extra stuff goin on, too...And now...Now, I'm kinda thinking something is going to go terribly wrong, soon. Everything can't just work out, right?? There's gotta be a catch. I can't just have landed a job and the apartment I wanted, and movers right away, and a guest dt gig, and box of goodies, and a cool guy and France. No way. So, I have to just say that I am feeling so freakin' fortunate today for everything. Including the fact that I get to finally have a J-day here at home, just scrapbooking. And please, fate, please keep it up, dude!! he he...I am just so thankful that I went with my gut and picked up and took a chance in a new city...I am totally feelin like I made the right choice, today. =) awesome! Hope everyone's feelin as happy as I am, today...=)


Nat said...

hey that sounds awesome - congratulations!!!! Just enjoy your time and don't think that bad schtuff can happen ;-) You live only once - so enjoy everyday (DT Natster with her "old and grey" voice ;-) )

Mom said...

Don't feel like something will go wrong - you have worked very hard for all of this - it has not come easy by any means. The 3 jobs to get there, all the work and time for school. It all helps you get where you need to be. You have to keep working hard - that is the key - nothing is free girl - just keep working at things and they will all work out.
All of this is new exciting and part of your goal and opportunities that have arisen.

Mom,Wayne&Brody said...

P.S. Remember now the fun starts - paying bills, paying off your student debt, paying for moving costs and working 9 to 5 - hee hee.

Just remember to always be thankful and keep your feet on the ground. There are lots of ways that you can help people also - and always remember that there were a lot of people who helped you along the way.
We all love you and very proud of you.

Michelle said...

he he.....Thanks, guys =)