Wednesday, May 16, 2007


...who-ho...I have officially pulled an (almost) all-nighter! Which is a feat, I have to say...cuz I usually say I'm going to stay up and get work done when I have to, and it never happens...I give up at like 2...I guess the impending job application was a good driver to keep me going, cuz I was wide awake til erm, 5 am...and then I went to take a nap on my couch (cuz it's the only place I will wake up after 2 hours) and opened the blinds (to aid in the making-sure-I-get-up) the sun was already up...ahh! and I'm not so it's all good....=)

..and congrads to the Zingboom girls! I am dying to subscribe to those kits...buuut...I am sad that I will just have to stare at them longingly cuz there's no time to scrap for me...and also the funds are an issue...=)

...that's all that's new....=) so excited to sleep tonight!! happy Tuesday!

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