Thursday, May 17, 2007


..I am in love with that Kraft mandarin dressing...and chewable vitamin C...and I was compelled to buy oranges this week, too..hmm..just noticed that little immune system is writing my mental grocery list now...heh, I sunk and ordered Zingboom...but I am so excited cuz after Paris I may just have a night to scrap whatever the hell I want, and I want that yummy vintage stuff for just, Elsie
schtuff is coming out soon and I am sooo dying for that stuff...and it's in the next kit, so I couldn't not order...not in a long time has a line of scrapbooking stuff been so cool as Love, Elsie...(except, of course, Fancy Pants...*wink...)

...watching "Real World"...this girl is shocked that her boyfriend is mad that she cheated on just was trying to wrap my head around why people cheat..and I just can't understand it at all....if you cheat on someone, something, if not obviously, subconciously is not happy/doesn't want to be with the person you cheated on...the part I really don't relate to, I guess, is why are they with someone they aren't happy with enough to cheat?..there's my philosophical blurb for the night...

..check out what I made!! while planning/testing for a weekend project (okay, I'm just impatient and wanted to start it tonight..) Plus, had to teach myself that blanket stitch...

Oh, how I want to sew bags and skull things....he he...

....also, I'm reminded me that I'm wearing glasess right now, and they hurt...cuz there was a head bashing incident this morning with Z (you know, when you both accidently move fast to exactly the same spot at the same time and...smack!) and his head is little stronger than mine, so I ended up with, yes, a bleeding nose and some tears cuz it hurt so bad (believe me, and my mom will back me up on this..I rarely that was surprising...) and then a giant headache all day...and a reminder each time I touched my nose, which, evidently is a lot more than I realized I did in one day...he he..but true to form, I'm pretty sure I laughed 10 minutes after it happened..=) and the bump will go away...=(
..and I still like Z lots and lots...=)

I have some animation to do, now! and that was enough random blogging for one night...=) have a happy one!


mom said...

Ouch - silly girl!! hate it when that happens, but knew it wouldn't be long before you were laughing!!
Hope your having a great day.

a little about me and my life said...

you are gonna be so happy when your kit comes. i am jealous. I may have to do it in the future. Right now I just signed up for Jenni B's and so zingboom will have to wait.

Have a fab day!