Saturday, May 19, 2007


"Crash" Dave Mathews Band
"Oh Yeah" The Cliks
Go Go Bordello (Z has me hooked)
The Sad Little Stars
..and lots of The Donnas

..quite the mish-mash of good tunes while cleaning...
...and I've been listening to a lot of Eve 6 at work all week...Love them!

I should have started working on my animation stuff by now, but somebody (cough - Z - cough) has me all relaxed and happy, so I've just been puttering around...pretending I have time for a weekend...he he...
..I've been caught up on some cool movies this past week; "Brazil" last night..way cool for an 80's movie..."Natural Born Killers"; dude, Juliette Lewis kicks ass...and "The Big Lebowski" a few weeks ago..awesome, awesome...We have a list of movies goin that I have to see, cuz unfortunatly most of the movies I've seen were cheesy 90's teen flicks...and that's not cool..

..also, today..can't stop thinking about the part in "The Science of Sleep" where he just randomnly says "Let's make an animated film!" he that movie...

and this shirt;

is making me smile..everything should be as happy as that shirt...=)

And here's my new place! teeny, yes...but how much space does one really need? It's big enough for me...and check out my giant crafty-wall..the craftiness hasn't quite been organized yet, but that's where all the cool vintage finds are hiding...=)

..happy saturday!


Kim said...

Wow... that is a small space. But it looks oh so comfortable. And your scrap space is adorable. Have been reading your blog for awhile but don't think I have commented.

Cindy Tobey said...

Great space Michelle! Love your!

Mom said...

Happy Saturday Girlie!!
Apartment is so cute and cozy!!
Love it

Cady said...

Nice, very nice! I dig the Roy Litchenstein-esque (sp?) pictures...Don't worry - I ran away to Victoria yesterday, and just went shopping today...*sigh* :D
Have fun animating if you ever get around to it!...I know I need to. Bleh.

Nat said...

Love your room!!!

Hey...and here is my all time favorite movie recommendation for you: Buffalo 66 - if you haven't seen it- watch it- I'm quite sure you will like it ;-)