Thursday, May 24, 2007

dun dunn nah nah....

Z thinks it's silly that I'm so excited bout paper, but it's here!

(borrowed the pic from Elsie's blog)
How cool is Elsie?
I have a box on it's way...and I think I am not alone in saying that I've been waiting so hardcore for her stuff to finally hit stores! It's even more cool that she's around my age, and that there are skulls involved...(sigh) Lotsa happy mail days coming up!

and *hint*..Scrapmuse has the most awesome kit ever coming up...!!

My productivity at work slowed down once I realized my pay cheque will deal with working in animation under a quota is that you get paid when you get a certain amount done, and it goes through a little pipeline of approvals..which means sometimes it's impossible to get even paycheques...but as long as the rent is covered, it's all good...=) So i took a breather to edit some project pictures...(little sneakie for you..)

Soon there will be more sneakies here...
and check out Pink.Sugar.Pop, whom I fell in love with tonight....

..and yay, mandy! I'm so happy you got the package! I apologize; the only time and places I had to shop were tourist stores...Oy...=) Love you grrl!

More work mojo is back..=)
"George, george, george of the jungle..."

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Mom said...

Hope your having a great day!!
Love the paper and stickers.
What is it like to be a starving artist!!
Love ya