Thursday, May 24, 2007


...yay! 11 more scenes, 11 more days!! still a ton of work, but I managed to whittle it down to that...(sigh) I might actually make muh deadline...awesome...cuz I was so behind there....

...also, on MTV last night, it was pirate day (everyday should be pirate day..)...
...and also, in response to: "what kind of music do you like?".."I listen to everything" girl said, "everyone says they listen to if you were deserted on a desert island, which 5 cds would you want to have with you?"

1) Incubus "Make Yourself" (cuz "I miss you" and "stellar" are all-time faves)
2) Def leppard (it would be hard for me to pick an I'd say greatest hits)
3) Dashboard Confessional (the new one..what's it called?..heh)
4) Ac/Dc (again...everything of theirs is awesome..hard to pick one)
5) Dude, this is hard...

I just can't do it.
So what are your 5 cds?

happy day!


Mom said...

Great job on the work - told you it would get easier - you might get some time off.

5 CD-s - I'll name artists - don't have the names memorized
1) Andreo Bocelli - the one with The Prayer on it
2) Brian Adams - the one with the song from Robin Hood on it
3) Celine Dion - one of her greatest hits
4) Erik Clapton
5) Mozart or Tchaikoski

Michelle said...

he he..I knew Brian Adams would be on there!! =)

Mandy said...

HE HE....I would bring my Ipod that can hold 500 songs and I would hope the batteries would last forever... =) Thanks for my birthday gift you didn't have to send it x-press post I could have waited HE did say it was coming.....=) and you are the bestest friend I could ask for too and I miss you like crazy already and I just seen you a few weeks ago....I'm going to see Pirates 3 this weekend I'm taking the kids to see and then on Saturday we are going to the zoo there is new tiger cub, mt. lion clubs and a new ant eater to see....that is all that is new since I talked to you last......I hope you get all your work done it is never ending at least that is what it feels like to me HE TTYL

Cady said...

Hmmm....what would I bring?

1)Loreena McKennitt - either the Mask and the Mirror or Book of Secrets
2) Franz Ferdinand
3) Final Fantasy - Prayer
4) The Mononoke-Hime orchastrated soundtrack
5) My iPod that can hold 800 SONGS!
~Don't work too hard!