Wednesday, May 23, 2007

tidbits about muhself...

....I like to plan, and used to be super organized....still am pretty organized....but I never look too ahead...ya know? I mean to say, I plan up til a certain point and then whatever happens,"I'm going to move to Vancouver and go to film school and then get a job"...I only think of what makes me happy now, I guess....I'm never like "where will I be in 5 years?" cuz ya never know...stuff like that can't be planned, in my opinion....don't know why I thought of that just now, but I was compelled to write it here....maybe I looked ahead of three months from now, which is unusual, and was a little freaked

...busy, busy...I hope I'm not the only busy one here!...summer is once again passing me by....(last year, I spent my summer drawing a film, which was super hard to do cuz I grew up in a beach town and summer is my favorite...) I don't want to miss this summer, too!!

..what else? Once again I am reminded how awesome my Mom and Wayner are...=) I am bombarded with the same workload and am still so happy when I get a scene done and it looks alright...the anticipation is building to when I can actually make the art I want to make...I have not yet learned a word of french...(I meant to start attempting to learn a few weeks ago..) and snooze buttons should not exsist. This morning; I got out of bed repeatedly every 20 minutes to walk across the room, hit snooze, for 2 hours, and all I could dream of was that I was waking up at 10 am and was late for work and not rested...cuz, surprise! snooze doesn't help me get any extra sleep, it's just restless wasted time that I can't help but be enticed by...but thank goodness I got up at 8 and not 10..I have some art done for deadlines that is super-cute..but no time to take pics and edit them tonight!..argh...and back to work i go!

And pirates is coming out this soon?? I had no idea...I don;t know what to think, quite frankly..I was mad at the second one cuz they started 3 new story lines and didn't settle a single all I have to say is, if I hear there's a 4th in the works, I'm not gonna see this one. Money-hungry hollywood, just leading us all on..argh...! I still have yet to see Spiderman and Shrek...(sigh)...happy night, anyways!!

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