Sunday, May 27, 2007


Happy Sunday!
hope everyone's having a fun weekend....=)
...some goodness I made last week with my new yummy Fancy Pants goodies..(I got the "Pollen Dust" 12 x 12 set of stamps, and there is just so much cool stuff on there that I couldn't help but make a billion cards!!)

...there's also supposed to be some changes to the website and the Fancy Pants blog soon, I'll post that when it's up! =) Yay!

...I am drinking some insanely strong coffee right now (which is standable, but not intentional, cuz I'm just too impatient to measure the right ratio or coffee grinds and water out so I just dump the stuff in the maker and hope it's okay..he he)..yesterday, I should have been animating...but I organized my scrap stuff instead , which will really be less stressful in the long run cuz there's only 5 weeks til I go to France and every day til then is booked up! I just needed a breather...slept in til 3 in the afternoon, ate some awesome crepe/ice cream breakfast...hung out with Z...the calm before the storm? Cuz this week is nutty and I just made it nuttier by missing yesterday, but that's okay...I always make it happen and get done what I have to get done...only 5 weeks til France!! wow..I still can't believe that...! anyways, off to animation I go...check out the Art Blog, too...I just found the sketch I did before I got my tattoo and posted it there..=)

Have a happy sunny day!!


a little about me and my life said...

beautiful cards. I adore the FP stamps. I want them soooo bad!
Have an awesome weekend.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous cards - I spied them on 2peas earlier and they caught my eye :o)