Monday, May 14, 2007

...happy monday!

....(ahhh...) big giant sigh of relief as I printed off my timesheet this morning....the work I've done for the whole month, pretty much, is on there....again, is paid! Whew! cold is (hopefully...knock on wood...) on the way out, I never full-on got sick....but I had a wicked headache yesterday and my throat is I've been trying to sleep lots and eating tons and tons of garlic and gargling...the whole nine it could've been worse..however, it threw a wrench in my work schedule....but I got to chill and hang out with Z and make lotsa yummy food; Gnochhi (which may just be my fave Italian food EVER...but who am I kidding...I can't pick a fave Italian food..he he), and Crepes...and a little blast from the past: Blueberry syrup from "Summerland Sweets"...Yum! Summerland, a teeny little town, just so happens to be 15 minutes from where I grew up, Penticton...and we used to go to the Summerland Sweets factory on field trips and check out how they made the yummy stuff...=) So I was excited bout the syrup..Also, cuz my town was so small...we did happen to go to Tim Horton's a lot on feild trips, see how they made donuts, and there was a taxedermy place that we frequented, a building full of once-alive stuffed animals to a bus full of kids = kinda weird...but there was nowhere else to

...anyways, back to work with me...I have a ton of stuff to do and I can't stay up late or else my cold will start up wish me luck!! =) Happy monday!

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