Tuesday, May 01, 2007


...either I'm getting sick, or I have horribly annoying allergies...cuz last night and this morning I've been sneezing like crazy!! argh...work is a piling up here, and I just want to stay home in my J's on this cloudy day and cut up some paper...=( but I can't...So much cool stuff at home waiting to be made into something!...(sigh) at least Spongebob is here to guard my coffee cup here at work during the night...cuz I am sooo beyond coffee addicted now, it's crazy...and it's nice to see his smiling face in the morning....=) Oh! and Susan is doing a photo-a-day challenge over at Scrapmuse
this month, cuz it's our third birthday over there! The deal is, she posts a challenge and then the next day we post the photos...I'm gonna try to do it....but I also tried to do Emily's Deck of Me, which was to make a card a week, and, well...I made one? he he...So if I do it, I do it. No biggie. =) Go with the flow..off to work with me....=) happy day!


a little about me and my life said...

I totally feel you on the deck with me thing. I made four cards.

I have obsessions. I am obsessed with scrapbooking and that is the only reason I am all about it. If something gets boring I quit. Not that emily's challenge was boring because it is awesome but I just got my mind on something else. And then I never went back to it. I so know you understand this, right?
Okay. This is a comment not my blog and so I will shut up now.
Peace and have fun at work. Yuck! I hate work.

Michelle said...

my work is fun..I make cartoons...he he..but it is a LOT of work...specially cuz I'm new at it...and I do have too many ideas...he he..that's why the cards got put to the side..=)

Jasreet Pratap said...

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