Monday, May 28, 2007

rant? at work my first thought was "I have to get groceries tonight and do laundry..aww, so gets in the way of work"....he he..shouldn't it be the other way around? Work getting in the way of life...hmm.

resolutions for this week;

1- don't tell myself to work out this week; hello! I can't sleep this week, let alone try to drag myself out of bed to go for a not to feel bad about that.

2- stop checking on the "stat-counter" I installed on the is so awesome to see how many times people visit it a day..and where they're cool! I thought, like..5 people checked it...he he....and don;t worry, can keep lurking..=) It doesn't tell me who you are or anything, just which country you're from...

3- apologize to all the children in my brothers' generation, for they have to suffer through a throng of not-well-animated 3D movies about animals, animals and more animals.

(okay, really..that last one...I can't apologixe to every kid..but I want to..I saw a preview for that new penguin movie - penguins, you say?? nobodys ever made a penguin movie before!! hah! - and I could not help but shake my head and be sad for kids today that missed Animaniacs, and seeing "The Lion King" in the theatre and the whole Don Bluth phenom..cuz, well..I like those..and people poured their hearts and dedication and the health of the joints of their hand into those...and now kids just see animals with no weight voiced by celebrities who can't voice act..) I could do on and on about that...sorry for the mini rant, but I learned a lot about animation in a year...and I just can't do 3D movies anymore...and people can star in stories, too, man! cartoon people! Cartoon-looking people! Argh..

Back to it!


a little about me and my life said...

I am always telling my hubby how sad I think cartoons have become. They are just not as good as they used to be. So Sad.

Mom said...

So on to Disney/Pixar then girl for both you and Z - who are going to back to 2D!!!
Might be the next exciting move!!

Michelle said...

eek, mom...I hope Disney starts drawing again, soon...=) it's pretty far away, though..

Mom said...

I thought they were working on the new princess one - that is in the works for 2 or 3 years out.