Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Soooo....I was gonna apply for another DT (design team, for those who don't know the scrapping lingo...heh) this week, but that deadline is fast approaching....and have i started, No. And do I have time to do it? No. Sooo..I dropped that idea....Fate is obviously telling me to chill out...not take on anything else...hell, I can't even post my photo-a-day for more than a few days without it becoming too much with what I already am doing...ha I figure...maybe I can scrap for myself if I ever have a spare moment, instead of applying for something'm so silly...anyways, work is putt-putt-putting along slowly...I was bored yesterday so I didn't get much done, and when I went to work on the stuff at home, i realized I had left it at, fate is like "chill out!" So I worked out and slept...very cool. Which is good because my throat hurts today even though i slept...ahh! I have no time to get a cold!! weekend if nutty; now I have to catch up on the 24 seconds of animation I was supposed to do this week (how much have I I've been fixing last week's) and do the animation test for Pucca...and tonight I have to madly finish my Scrapmuse schtuff cuz its due tommorrow...and I gotta squish Z in there somewhere...=) again, time neds to stop for sec, dude...back to it with me!! Though I have to say.....I had a bath with some bubbles I got from LUSH the other day (they come in a block and you crumble them up)...and it was the best smeeling most relaxing bath I have had in a long time...and I made time to paint my nails amidst the chaos....cuz a girl's gotta do what a girls gotta do...=) so it's not all stupidly busy...he he..happy day!!

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Anonymous said...

Mmm stuff from Lush is so yummy! :o) Hope things calm down for you soon - unless you are loving it being busy! xxx