Friday, May 04, 2007

ahhhh!'s official:

I will be busy straight up til August. Serious. Days off? Hah! I laugh in the face of days off....

he he. No really; I just found out this morning that I have to make some kind of digital art thing before I head of for Paris (we're talking they're going to screen it, so it has to be good), on top of my ongoing crazy work schedule...looking for the next job (I do contract work, and I picked like the most unstable industry ever to work in; I have to look for a new job every approx. 6-8 months...a little more stressful then I'd imagined) cuz this one is done in DT stuff...a new dt I want to apply for...finishing my apartment...switching over all my stuff so that I offically live in BC....seeing Z...and, well..sleeping somewhere in there, too...(sigh). It sucks being this feels like i will never get a break!! On the upside, kind of excited about making a film-like thing again...=) Ideas churning in my head....ahh!! Back to work; my deadline is going to be missed i have to work on the weekend, too, to catch up..but I seem to be keeping pace with everyone else, so it's all good...and I'm going to see some stop-motion film goodness tonight! yay! =) Maybe if I wish really hard, time will slow down a little so I can get all my schtuff done. (sigh) Happy day!!

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Mom said...

It will calm down - eventually. It just takes a while to get into the routine - gee you and z could go to Disney and work on a film for 2 to 3 years - way more fun!! heehee - just pulled off another disney article today and will send it to you