Sunday, August 27, 2006

Party at Paul's!

Who-ho! As promised, party pictures...this is my friend Jake, a little drunk, with a condom on his head; We were all hangin out, having just watched Jackass (influential, obviously..not saying that he's a jackass, just saying that the show makes some people wanna do crazy things after seeing it for an hour and a half straight), and having just finished gambling a little...when me and Paul realized we were $6 up...sooo...thus started some talk which ended up with the condom on the head. He got $5 to do it. No, wait...$5.01. Which was kinda funny, cuz he did it once a while ago before, and didn't get anything for this time he almost forgot to collect his earnings...he he...anyways, they had to blow it up first, then shove it on there, then once it was over his nose, he was blowing it up like crazy til it got so big that it popped...ha ha...such a funny guy...It was so cool to jus chill out with everybody....calgary was so fun!! Got to hang out with my Paul and my best grrl Mandy lots...and my was busy, went by way too fast...but it was awesome to see everybody!! Miss you all already! =) he he...*disclaimer: though drunk at the time, Jake said he wanted to be famous, so I could go ahead and put the pictures on my blog. lol..

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