Monday, August 28, 2006

How is it that once I start downloadin tunes, I can't stop?? I find all these awesome little bands with names that make me Crash Romeo, The red jumpsuit apparatus, and Armor for cool is that? And once I hear part of a song, I download as many as I possibly can til I find all their good ones..and at least once every few weeks, I latch onto a fave song and listen to it constantly until I find a new fave one - currently, "through glass" by Stone Sour (if you have not heard "bother" by them, too..shame on you)....see the bottom of the page...And, since I'm not one of those crazies who looks up every detail of every band member, I never know when some of my old faves (ie: the Donnas) have released something new, so when I find that...I just have to be all over it...and these little bands always somehow lead me to other, equally awesome, little bands with awesome names that latch me'm such a indie(?) band junkie...Only, now that I have a quick music fix and a new cd to burn, I have to stop today, cuz my film storyboard (the first version) is due tommorrow...and I...have not....done....much. ha ha...totally not stressed though, vacations are such therapy! =) Off to blast tunes and draw all night (literally, all night). he he...hope all is good!


Mom said...

You should be studying!!!! I think your going to make your mom a blogger!!

Michelle said...

he he...I told you! it's addicting! And don't worry..I'm going to stay up all night studying! he he...=)

Cady said...

Awwww...chewed out by, she's probably just worried about you. :D
Speaking of bands with funny names, have you ever listened to anything by 'Death Cab for a Cutie'? Really cool stuff there.
I'd also recommend Franz Ferdinand, but it's all a matter of taste. ^_^
Get some sleep!