Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I just had to post, because, in my I've-only-slept-for-30-minutes tonight stupor, I was attempting to sleep on my couch with Muchmusic on, (trying to be as uncomfortable as possible so I wouldn't fall into can't-wake-me-up-ever sleep) when, lucky me, Justin Timberlake came on and said "I mean, like...Nirvana determined what pop was years ago.." Ha ha!! Anyways, I was wide awake after that cuz I was laughing at the general stupidness of this whole 'celebrity' concept...we are expected to look up to people who, though it happens to be their career, don't understand different genres of music?? Oy..Nirvana? Pop? Albeit, they became popular, which totally went against everything Kurt Cobain strove for. Justin, justin..how can you even begin to confuse grunge rock with pop? Wow. I need coffee. I reached a point where I know the thing I stayed up all night working on will not be done by the end of today...and frankly, I can't work on one thing for that long a stretch without getting sooo bored with it! So I'm happy...he he...just thought I'd share me laugh..=) Good morning!

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