Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Last Scrapper Standing 4...whew...

Yes, I made the 3rd contest cut! It's down to 25ish people right now, and I feel so sorry for the girls cuz they have to pick 1 page out of 25ish awesome pages! And, yikes! I just made the deadline!! I spilled ink over my hand-cut swirly pieces not long before this thing was due...yikes! geesh, this last minute, the contest has been really fun...buuut...i think this girl who has already featured on their website is gonna win it...I'm happy to have gotten this far, though!! And I now have some awesome, artsy pages that I never would've thought to do if I hadn't had the push to do them from the effers' girls....=) very cool..all of the entries are so awesome! Very talented ladies...I am waving good bye to the paper prize....he he....s'okay....i love doing this artsy stuff, so I love it either way...anyways, the challenge was to use 10 patterned papers...which I rarely do, and have definately never done this many crazy bright colors altogether...i now have to pack up my supplies, cuz film start day is officially Sept. 18!!! Ahhh!! And now, back to my homework...then I have to clean up the scrapbook things that are all over my little living room!! =) he he...Oh! And just found out today that there are 3 new managers at that's why there is no schedule past this saturday...and I'm kinda worried that they'll want me to work more, when I'm not even sure if I can work at all!! argh! We'll see....Good night!

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Mom said...

You did great Girl!! It purely is a winner if I was picking. But you already know that!! Hope you got some sleep!!