Saturday, August 12, 2006


Okay, i am on my way to bed..just had to say, you know ya live in the West end when you hear Michael Jackson and Cher coming from all those hot, Friday-night parties..he he...For those who don't, the gay pride parade is held 1 block from my house. Made me giggle on the way home tonight. End of term, end of term!!! (Officially 5 whole working days for until everything is god! I hope I can do project (almost) down today!) Oddly enough, I was one of the few actually working on my stuff tonight, and I know I am not that far behind....I don't understand how people can not be stressed when there is so much to do and not so much time to do it til the deadline!! Not that I'm overly stressed, I just know I will not get sleep. =(. Oh!! But on a brighter note, I made the contest's first cut! They went from 470+ people to 190ish, I think...yay!! I mean, more to do, but yay! The competition is awesome, though..some very talented's all so subjective though, as with all art, everyone has such a different's so much fun bein all artsy though..not that I'm not artsy on a day-to-day The new challenge is to use 13 photos on one page..hmm...Anyways, in honor of the ikea catologue that came in the mail, here is a picture of my apartment. yes, ikea threw up all over my wood floors. All over. They should be paying me for advertising. On a sad note, I realized the other day that my classroom at school is bigger than my whole entire place. And now, I realize I am procrastinating bedtime because I did not procrastinate my school work today; I must have a daily quota?!? Off to bed with me...=)


Your cousin said...

Surprise, made the cut ;)ha ha good for you, Cuz! Like you should even question it!
Bet there's a lot of cool stuff for the big prize.. was it the one in the mag we were looking at before???

Michelle said...

Ummm..I don't think so..not the really, really big contest I'm dying to enter...the one I'm in is at, jus a lil internet thing, but cool stuff for prizes, stuff that isn't released in stores yet...and they are supposed to have some giveaways during it, too. There was a really cool contest a while ago that you could win $10,000 in, maybe that was the one? That would be nice, hey?...maybe one day I'll aim that high, for now..paper and sticker prizes will do. =) he he..

Emy Jo said...

I like your apartment!!!!!!

*dies from jealousy*