Monday, August 14, 2006


Done one homework thing. 6 (?) to go. he eyes are starting to close involuntarily, though...and my throat hurts so I'm taking echinacea like crazy and drinking lotsa's only Monday, i can't be getting sick already!! Just realized my fish has no one to feed him while I'm gone next week...such hassle for such a little creature...I'm frankly surprised he's still alive because of how often I've fed and cleaned him lately...sheesh. Had a good day, though...I'm working on water splashing out of a bucket and am really happy with how it's turning out...=) Oh! And I get to see my boyfriend while in Calgary...just not right away...he he..=) Annnd...I am psyched for the dare I have to do, but it's due on wednesday...hopefully that's'm not a quitter...must do everything I take on..if only I weren't so damn detail oriented...he's a curse and a gift, I guess. Back to the homework; final film storyboard! (you can't hear it, but I am pulling out my hair right now.)

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