Sunday, August 06, 2006

Mixed feelings...

(sigh) I've had kind of an up and down weekend; it was nice to stay home yesterday, but work was nice, too...nice change of scenery for that one day a week, & no grumpy customers today!...yesterday I was kind of lonely for like..a second, then got a billion cool phone calls that made me feel tons and tons better...have so much work to do, but know it's because I took on more than I should have...but am excited about the fact that I can not possibly be bored doing anything because I have so much to freaking about my money situation again (loans, bills, loans, more loans), and then realized that it will all be okay...everything always works out how it's meant to. Ahhh....lit some candles, had a zen moment. And then, flipped on my favorite, TLC, and the WORST SHOW on tv is on; "The Messengers" Ugh. I mean, if you like listening to people preach for an hour, cool, but it's horrible! Maybe it's cuz I'm not religious, but this crap should not be televised. Sooo, I watch "Intervention" instead, because, despite the sad moments, it is actually sort of educational. anyways, I was trying to put this header (below) on my blog, but could not figure out how, so i have yet to renovate. And now I have no time. thus begins the countdown til end of term; 12 days to finish everything. AHHHHH!!!! Must go, need zen moment.

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