Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Summer flashback...

Ahh...such a fun visit/finally-getting-to-meet Tzanko's brother this weekend! Fun, fun! We walked around the city a little, watched some movies, made some yummy food, drank some yummy drinks. :) And the house is all clean and organized, now, too! some point it will be cleaned again...ha ha.

Okay, so, I always joke that I'm always, like....4 weeks behind on my schedule of getting-to-it. Getting to everything, that takes a while to sit there as an idea and percolate into an actual being. Ha ha..but, really, Calgary was way beyond 4 weeks ago so finally I edited and uploaded pictures for a moment tonight! Yay! Here's some of my faves from our weekend there in July:
And then there were the giant bubbles:Pictures of the summer are cool, though...cuz, well...I'm not ready for Fall. I still wear flip-flops to work even though its chilly - I am in denial that the leaves have turned red and orange. lol...just a little. For now, I cling to what's left of the sun. Anyhoo - the rest of the backyard Calgary pictures will be on Flickr shortly, if you're so inclined! (my computer is a dinosaur tonight, I'll link the gallery up when its there!)

As for me - I need to get up in the wee hours for work tomorrow - the production schedule isn't kind to me this week....but hump day is over, so its okay - I can see the weekend! I got my Red Velvet September kit in the mail tonight and it is lovely - dying to play with that and My Dozens' kit so badly!! Eeek! The new Sassafras is amazing! They always rock that patterned paper... :) Oh! And hubby's music video for the Canadian group, "Art of Fresh" was on MTV (MTV Canada) tonight! he he...they played parts of it as a trailer for the guy's performance 4 or 5 times - we were all giggly about it! Mtv?? So cool!!! I go! Craftiness to share, soon - I'm totally jonesing! Visiting your lovely blogs soon, too! Thanks for the sweet words, as always! :) Can't wait until work cools down and I catch-up and chill....ahh. Pictures from Victoria and Galiano island still need to be posted! lol...Happy day!


katie said...

weird, i looked at the pictures on your flickr before you posted this, but then they disappeared.

anyhoo... we could be twins, i totally am soooo behind on everything. [like my baby's first birthday is tomorrow, and i haven't sent invites to her birthday party this saturday. oh, and i haven't even sent out birth announcements!!! haha... so i could totally see someone getting a birthday party invite, and being all, "who *is* this???"]

i can't wait to see some scrappy-ness!


Beth Perry said...

Cool video. What does your hubby do?

I am sooo with you on the flip flops. I will wear them as long as I can! haha

Yep, as soon as I am on the downside of hump day..I can clearly see the weekend too. And it looks great!
Have a good Thursday!

ThePeachTree said...

Congrats on the Music Video exposure! I'm right there with you on the 4 weeks late to getting to planning anything! :)