Wednesday, September 03, 2008


The weekend away at Galiano island was fab - a nice low-key, close-to-camping feel about it. Great almost-scary teeny plane, lots of purple starfish, rocky beaches, climbing, exploring, a moped rental, roasting hot dogs, Top gun, hitchhiking, Orcas, etc. Just what we needed - though our legs seriously hurt from all the climbing we did...hah. Pictures soon! I have yet to go through the last 2 weekends away (ha ha) so hopefully I have a spare minute soooon. it's been go-go-go since we got back with design stuffs.

I am craving plaid. and wool. and thick dark tights. but not fall - fall here in Vancouver is not very fun - it just rains and rains in record-breaking amounts. It's always gray. I love the sun + summer, but I think the back-to-school-shopping bug has bit me good - I seriously am in dire need of fall clothes. I'm stuck in the budget-of-a-student rut, still, though, as I pay off those lovely school loans....argh. I'll manage to get a few yummy new pieces and I'll be satisfied, though. Yay! I'm already Etsy-surfing cuz my tee-shirt fix does not ever seem to be met at the mall.

This weekend has been dubbed get-life-and-home-caught-up weekend. It feels all a-shambles. I can no longer put off Spring cleaning cuz the reno's with the pipes in the apartment are now officially done as of 2 weeks ago! Well, it's celebrate Z's birthday weekend, too. Whee! I'm always up for a little beer and animation friends. :) Speaking of, Happy birthday to my best hubby!
There will be cake and toasting. He's the bestest - I'm still pinching myself that I found a guy as silly as me who likes motorcycles and animation and makes me lil handmade cards, too (shh..) and carves me hearts out of driftwood at the beach (double-shh.) he he.... :) Love him!

More from me very, very soon. :) Thanks, friends!


Niella said...

I've misssed ya!! sounds like you had a great time:)

Haaaapppy Birthday to your hubby...that is just the sweetest thing that he makes ya lil' handmade cards and carves things...swoon!!

You two were made for each other:)

Diana Cornielle said...

Oh, how romantic Michelle! Lol. Isn't it nice when we find that perfect one? And he really is PERFECT? lol. Happy B-day to him! Have a nice day and take it easy!

Beth Perry said...

Aww that's awesome! It is a nice feeling to find someone that enjoys the same little quirky things that you do! (we won't tell! lol)

Glad you had fun on your trip!

Aimee said...

awww, what a sweet tidbit about your hubby. happy birthday to him :) glad you had a fun weekend away.

cindy said...

Very nice, my heart "feels" your compassion, happy for you!

kim brimhall said...

i craving plaid and wools too! serious. just today. im waiting for that crisp air.

lovely post! lovely girl.

wunderbug said...


it sounds like you had an awesome trip.. and i too am craving autumn-y things - toronto has just recently had it's first burst of chilly weather yesterday and all the shops are filled with plaid and cordurouy and scarves and other such toasty things. good times.

ps i'm loving the playlist that you have going here - i must've visited your blog last time with my sound off 'cause i didn't hear any, but i'm enjoying keeping the window open while i'm surfing other sites to keep me company. :) great choices!