Friday, September 05, 2008


I was totally hoping for a weekend of catch-up. Where do these 2 precious days go? I know, I think I say that every weekend...but really, they just disappear! lol...Instead, I had a weekend of sleeping in, eating with birthday friends at a cool restaurant with yummy Afghan food + shared vase drinks + belly dancers, my fave lovely dovey funny movie, some scrapbooking, some drawing, some great wine + homemade chili (that I made!)...some lounging. I worked at the pace of a snail, but its all It was a lovely time!

I really was hoping for a weekend of finally getting to work on my own stuff, which is making me seriously take a step back, cuz there was no time for that. I have to look at my schedule and stop myself from taking on all that extra guest-stuff that is so fun and such an honor to do, but just cuts all into my own creating time - a tad bit bummed about all my ideas sitting in notebooks, tonight, but super-happy at the fun guest-design oppurtunities I've had thus far. Things will be a changin' a bit very soon on that front as I focus on the shop more and get a handle on my DT/design work with a few months off of work approaching!

On the upside (the super-fun upside!!) - a lovely new batch of designs for The Dozens' is done (this may be the funnest one ever!!) and you'll be seeing peeks very very soon! Seriously, I love these designs...I just want to roll around in em'....they are very much inspired by this fab book (which I can't stop leafing through and falling in love with - so far my best artsy book investment for a girl who loves type so much!):
Also, have you seen this?? Danielle Thompson asked me (and a whole amazing, amazing group of fanulously talented ladies!! Eeek!) to use some designs from her brand-new digi shop, Kitschy Digitals....the shop just opened up, and I have yet to dig into the goodies and make some lovelies, but check out the rockin' gallery! So, so honored and thankful to have been asked to scrap for her! :) Thanks girl! Look for pages from me using those wonderful goodies soon!

And....a little blog re-design over at Red Velvet went down this weekend, check it out here! Man, did I have fun making the new blog goodies with woodgrain + scallops + handwriting...there will probaby be a few tweaks still this week, plus our DT gallery links - I hope you like! :)

As for me, tomorrow is a super-long-crazy-overtime day - a whole lotta episodes due, not a whole lotta time to do it all alone. A little stressful...must get up at the crack of dawn, which is never fun. I'll be posting the Dozens' "Dress My Nest" pages very soon this week, amoung other things....(hopefully Galiano pictures - there are some funny ones involving moped helmets...he he) and we're finally hunkering down next weekend and cleaning/organizing the workspaces/house this weekend - I've never been so excited about cleaning in my life!! We won't have bathroom stuff in the closet? We'll have shelves so I don't lose my scissors 26 times while I'm working, or get paint on my Wacom tablet? lovely. So bear with my if I'm scarce while I reorganize myself for my sanity! lol...Happy week, everybody! :)


metrochic said...

ooh! i've been dying to get that book! is it fab? sigh. i'm happy to see you so busy and happy. YAY!

Nat said...

sounds like a fun weekend :-) Have a gorgeous week!

Kristen =) said...

I know what you mean about "not enough time on weekend" I just complaining about that myself. I like the new RVA blog... the woodgrain looks yummy.

moxylyn said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

danilouwho said...

Love what you did over at the RVKC blog, looks awesome!

hope work lets up a little!!

Magda said...

I love your blog!
And your art :)
I just have to add you to favorites.

Beth Perry said...

I can't wait to see the sneak peeks! And your layouts for this month! :P Do you ever get a break? lol
Have a good week!

Elaine said...

ok so basically the Red Velvet Art page looks absolutely AMAZING! And i love your blog too as always. :]

good work!