Thursday, November 09, 2006


Random thoughts;....Thank god "K-fed" will never be in the public eye again, soon. Borat would have broken tons of movie records opening weekend, had it played at more theatres (yay! politically incorrect movies!)...Rocky on Laguna beach said a line I hate when it comes to relationships; "I'll change for make me want to change", while trying to convince her boyfriend to stay with her. I was like...A) you should never have to convince a guy to stay with you, and B) you should not be with someone you have to change for, or ever compromise yourself to be somebody you think he would like more. Obviously, it's not gonna work out if he doesn't like who you are. I mean, I know these girls are young...but come on! And i thought she was the smart one on Laguna and then she goes and disappoints me...(sigh). what else? Oh! i slept on my couch so as to actually wake up early and I moved my alarm across the room and I still managed to sleep for 3 hours more than I'd hoped. Silly alarms. So. enough with trying to wake up early. I've lived here for....9 months...and have 3 sets of phone books. Somethings goin on got a new set today....oh! MTV was discussing "emo" yesterday, and nobody there knew what it really was, and all these emo kids kept calling in and saying "well, it's when you wear tight pants and dye your hair darker", etc, etc. And I was like...nooo..this is what emo has become, people. I looked it up a while ago, and it really is a type of music that started in the 80's; frankly, not good music, and not what "emo" music today is. Really, you can't undertand what the singer dude is saying because he's screaming and high notes and low notes and mumbling and more screaming annnd...that's it. But today, anybody who kind of screams in a song and looks emo is emo. And emo itself is even a descriptive word, like.."oh, that's so emo." Which, I have to say...cuz we say this at school...does serve a purpose...cuz everybody knows what the emo today means...most people just don't know the genre of music that the trend stemmed from. Zats all. Probably totally random and not making sense right now...soooo...Off to bed with me. =)

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